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 Wanne join Eu? take a look here first! ;D

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PostSubject: Wanne join Eu? take a look here first! ;D   Sat Apr 05, 2008 12:04 pm

If you are intrested in Eternal Uprising you can find some points here wich you may find intresting.

We are a hardcore raiding guild who wanne progress in this game. We look for people who are active
and know there class. People who wanne put effort into raiding togheter with us and not take everything
for granted. We do oure research of bosses and hope you will do to.

You need to be well geared , karazhan geared or higher.
You need to take good care of youre gear, with this we mean, get it enchanted, get it all gem'd up.
NO green / vendor Gems.

Be sure to read thro the guild rules before taking any further steps.

If you are still intrested pls use the following lay-out for youre application. All applications who dont
follow this lay-out will be directly Denied.

1| Character Name

2| Character LvL

3| Class / Spec

4| Raiding Experience

5| Armory Link

6| On wich days are you overal available to raid.
(we understand that things can happen in rl wich will hold you back from raiding.)

7| Are there any people in Eternal Uprising who you know.

8| Why are you intrested in joining Eternal Uprising.

9| What would Eternal Uprising benefit from you.

10| Do you agree with the Guilds Rules, Dkp system and what is stated above.

11| Do you agree to Download and Install all the required addons / Ts.

12| Feel free to type anything here wich you believe can support youre application.

GL with youre aplication.

The Eu Family.
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Wanne join Eu? take a look here first! ;D
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