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 manaburnme. 70mage

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PostSubject: manaburnme. 70mage   Mon Apr 14, 2008 11:01 am

1| Character Name: manaburnme

2| Character LvL : 70

3| Class / Spec : mage, fire (willing to respecc)

4| Raiding Experience : Have done Whole TK and 3/6 SSC (including vashj, morogrim and lurker.) this is done with my shammy

5| Armory Link:

6| On wich days are you overal available to raid.
(we understand that things can happen in rl wich will hold you back from raiding.) : im availeble everyday almost, will contact a gm if for some reason i wont be availeble

7| Are there any people in Eternal Uprising who you know. : no, im afraid not :<

8| Why are you intrested in joining Eternal Uprising. : cuz im in a Kara/gruul guild atm, wich seems to have low progress :<

9| What would Eternal Uprising benefit from you: an expirienced mage that got vent and are good to follow orders Smile

10| Do you agree with the Guilds Rules, Dkp system and what is stated above. ofcourse

11| Do you agree to Download and Install all the required addons / Ts. yes, ofcourse

12| Feel free to type anything here wich you believe can support youre application.
hoping for a positive reply.
preferred if you /w me ingame
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PostSubject: Approved   Tue Apr 15, 2008 8:18 am

k if you /w me in game we talk further. But this looks good Smile.
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manaburnme. 70mage
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