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 Guild Rules

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PostSubject: Guild Rules   Sat Apr 05, 2008 11:15 am

RAIDS/INVITES: As a GM I will invite the Cl's to the raid first. They will be promoted and they can invite the members of there class to the raid. Raids will always start 20.00, invites will be done between 19:30-19:55 - if a member repeatingly stays in a bg to await summon we remove him, also if a person refuses to corpserun, we remove him. We raid cause we like it, not cause we like to get irritated. If a member during a raid needs to go eat or their dog just died, the CL's will have to fix the raidsituation.

Asking in gchat / wispering Rl or youre classleader for a invite will not get you invited. Infact it will have a negative effect and will cause you to be hold till last or not taken at all.

RAID/LOOT: This is a touchy subject, . The Guild is using a MainTank-prio, and will continue with this as long as we go on. Today its Balthor that is considered MT . So Basics, if its a tank-drop we get, Balthor ALWAYS has prio, if he declines, next tank will decide, if he choose not to take it, we will start considering other members of those classes, however if its a tierdrop balthor is first, then all remaining classes that can bid/roll. this is a stupid blizz-thing to have warriors-droods-priests in the same tierdrop, but nothing we can anything about.

There are three ways to decide who gets the loot, the simple way out is rolls (Za / kara), Dkp (25man) and we can also let CLs make the decision, this will ofc have to be met on all members of that classes terms. we cant as CLs just hog the loot and say its a CL-desicion. check ur members gears, if a mage has blue shoes and another mage rolls higher but got better than the poor blue mage, we will only have widened the gap between them. its better for us all if ppl come equally geared. use ur good judgement and ease down the epicfrenzy, epics is a bonus, we raid coz we like it!

Since todays arena/PvP gear kicks butt deluxe, i dont feel that we have to act fast on DKP. Loot heroic badges from heroics, u get BT geared from them. ACT!

RAIDS/BOSSES: is now ur best friend! Every member is kindly asked!!! to hook up on this site and read the tacts of each boss in oure grabreach. We will have a tacs-teller each raid, that just reminds the raid of important points. If members keep failing up on bosses that we are about to do, they will be removed from raiduty till they fully can understand how to read a tactic. The argument of not having time to read will be cleared from the table. You have time to wipe, that means you have time to read. Reading a tact doesnt take much time, if you have any questions about a boss, feel free to contact youre Cl or any officer at the time present, if you have any suggestions for a boss fight, keep them for yourselfs. discuss them with youre CL or officer after the raid.

Alts in all honor, but we have to focus on the Mains first and foremost. Ofc alts can only recieve totally unwanted loot from the mains raid. so for an example, if a bossfight requires alt over main, we will switch the chars and stay well away from the loot in favor of gearing up the mains, we cant gear up 3-4 alts of all ppl just because ur alt needs something from a drop. If mains are well fed. all glory to alts.

How Guild looks upon Karazhan:
not at all! - this means no rules that apply on the raidinfo i written so far works for karazhan. divide the loot, free-for-all, pug it, guildrape it, karazhan is very clear and done with imo. see it as a 10-man heroic, what rules would u use in a heroic? just common sense, by this i want to say i would not like to be bothered with discussions about karazhan.
our focus is ZA and 25mans!

Some manners that have to be corrected:
LEEROYs, was fun back in the 60's, todays repaircost is often around 30-40g, that aint as fun. Some ppl choose to do arena at very bad times, raidwise. If people choose to do arena between 19:30-00:30 they can search for a new guild asap. If we see a racial attack or genitalwords in use, we Gkick immidiately, we are a very big guild with ppl from all over the world, the talk u do with ur buddies in ur basement dont always work on the streets of Dubai, for an odd example.
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Guild Rules
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