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 guild recruitment

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PostSubject: guild recruitment   Sat Apr 12, 2008 8:22 am

1| Character Name coconutt

2| Character LvL 70

3| Class / Spec wariror (prot atm but wana join as dps)

4| Raiding Experience kara/gruul/za

5| Armory Link

6| On wich days are you overal available to raid.
(we understand that things can happen in rl wich will hold you back from raiding.)100% i can raid thursday/friday/saturday/sunday
7| Are there any people in Eternal Uprising who you know. ye a holy pala named "dravilion"

8| Why are you intrested in joining Eternal Uprising.a nice friendly guild with a good progres and my gear suits for gruul perfect

9| What would Eternal Uprising benefit from you.insane dps cheers
10| Do you agree with the Guilds Rules, Dkp system and what is stated above.
i totaly agree with dkp system at 25man but not in 10man like kara
11| Do you agree to Download and Install all the required addons / Ts.i got em alrdy from my main that is ssc/tk raider What a Face

12| Feel free to type anything here wich you believe can support youre application: i wish u invite me at guild
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PostSubject: Re: guild recruitment   Sat Apr 12, 2008 9:15 am

Denied. App tells me diffrent story's. + you can only raid 4 days.
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guild recruitment
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