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 dravilion holy paladin

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PostSubject: dravilion holy paladin   Sat Apr 12, 2008 3:18 am

1| Character Name
2| Character LvL
3| Class / Spec
Holy Paladin(50/11/0)
4| Raiding Experience
with Dravilion i did Za,karazhan,maggy,gruuls but with my old mage(got hacked) i did full za,full kara,full ssc,maggy,full gruul,tk only alar and bt first boss,zg,onyxia,mc
5| Armory Link
Armory again is not working.!Sad i have 8517 life and 10158 mana,189 mana regen,1701 healing,simple crit chance 16,73%,holy crit change 21,73%,armor 15496(i have blue weapon but soon i will take the weapon from badges and ofc i will do 80+healing enchant on it).also i have some items for tanking.if u need more information please tell me:)
6| On wich days are you overal available to raid.
(we understand that things can happen in rl wich will hold you back from raiding.)
Well i have a lot of tests in my school so i will try to be active as much as i can.u will know if i can come for raid or nope.
7| Are there any people in Eternal Uprising who you know.
Ntalikeris atm:)
8| Why are you intrested in joining Eternal Uprising.
Becase i want to do raids with serius people and guild
9| What would Eternal Uprising benefit from you.
My heal Smile
10| Do you agree with the Guilds Rules, Dkp system and what is stated above.
Yes of course i agree
11| Do you agree to Download and Install all the required addons / Ts.
I already have them
12| Feel free to type anything here wich you believe can support youre application.
Well i am jc(366/375) and miner(375/375),also i have cooking(364/375) (i can make raid-foods) and fishing (375/375)and some information about my real life:my name is Spyros i am 17 years old i am playing wow in my free time and i am in basketball team as a result i learnd to be patiend (good skill for wow too:D)
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PostSubject: Re: dravilion holy paladin   Sat Apr 12, 2008 5:33 am

hello Dravilion. Remember you from Destiny. you left becuse we didnt progress fast enough i think it was. did go to AFK then short after to malice and then from there to Emporium. u must understan me when i say i feel a bit unsecure if u will stay in this guild or leave soon aswell. But as i remember it i liked u so i will give u a chance m8 hope u dont let me down. pls /w me in the game and i give u an invtite

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dravilion holy paladin
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